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Craftsman's Online Tools - Total System

  • Make easy offers and send by email to your customers
  • See purchase prices and easily add your products and services
  • The customer receives an offer and can accept the offer by clicking on a link in the email
  • Book the assignment in the calendar
  • You and your employees can see the tasks on our app
  • Enter status via the app on tasks and add photo documentation
  • Once the task is completed, additional products and services or discounts can be added
  • The entire order can be automatically sent for invoicing directly in your accounting program

Customer Handling

Get an overview of all your customers and assign contacts and responsible employees for each customer. Get an overview of all customers' offers, orders and tasks, as well as various departments.


Create quick quotes with quote templates. See purchase prices and easily add your products and services. Assign evt. discounts and send offers in PDF by email to your customers with a link to accept offers.

Case Management

Keep track of all orders and get an overview of both large and small projects. Continuously add extra services or products as well as photo documentation on each individual task. Create quick orders or larger enter prices with installments.


Keep track of all appointments. Assign multiple employees to one task, and schedule regular tasks that are repeated. Make quick reservations or plan large projects where a large number of tasks need to be shared over a long period of time.

Employee Management

Keep track of the hours spent by all your employees, journeymen and apprentices. Schedule their time in the calendar and assign those in charge of the tasks. Manage your subcontractors and let them use the system as well. Set up quality assurance and make it easy for medabrejdee to remember the quality of everyday life.

Employee App - Time Registration

App with calendar overview, task management and time registration. Our app provides access to the essential modules that you need when you are out driving or visiting customers. Take pictures and attach to your case as documentation.

Overview - Control Panel

Get an overview of your business with key figures of ongoing work. Keep track of whether there are enough tasks going on and how much money is being earned. See today's most important tasks and follow up on your customers.

Integration with your accounting software

You can integrate for free with both Billy, Dinero and E-conomics, so you can easily get all your customers, products and services imported into your total system. You can easily send all your orders directly from our billing system automatically in your accounting program.

Deskma is a total system that brings together all the functions you need in your everyday life ...

We are constantly developing new features that are automatically made available to everyone. If you have any wishes for new modules and additions, you are welcome to contact us. We are currently working. to also integrate into the accounting program Uniconta, as well as several wholesalers.