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Who are we?

Deskma is a Danish-based company with many years of experience in the development and operation of CMS and CRM. We are a highly structured, performance-oriented and customer-oriented organization.

We live in Albertslund, and have in-house competencies in the following areas:

  • Website development
  • App Development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Marketing - Facebook, Google Ads (SEM)
  • Authoring
  • Photography
  • Video Photography
  • Education and courses within CMS and CRM
  • Accounting / Bookkeeping
  • As well as much much more ...


“Our mission is to help small and medium-sized craft businesses manage their business and workflows from customer leads to invoicing via user-friendly tools. With an integrated total system for managing their website, customers, employees, offers, tasks and invoicing saves companies time on trivial tasks and optimizes their workflows.”


Deskma always tries to make a positive difference for our customers. Our values are based on the principle of helping each other and treating our customers as partners with a common goal of growth and optimization.

Deskma CRM + CMS + Marketing

We have developed a total solution where you can easily keep track of all your customers, offers, employees and work tasks.

Our online tool is unique and user-friendly. We help you through the process of advertising for new customers until the task is completed and the task can be invoiced. The total system creates an overview and shows you benchmarks for when you need new customers or when you need to focus on other things such as employee optimization.
Deskma's online toolkit is FREE to master and includes everyone the necessary modules to run a modern digitized craft business.


Jakob Raaschou Nielsen

Director / CTO

One of the nerds behind who has experience as an entrepreneur and has run a professional web agency for 15 years. Expert in website development and integrations, as well as development in TYPO3 and PHP.
With a belief that programming and design can always meet and that the possibilities for optimization are always present.

Henrik Sneholt

Sales Manager / Support Manager

Henrik's experience and extensive background knowledge as an entrepreneur since 2006 has provided a solid ballast within the construction and crafts industry. This applies to both sales and marketing as well as his ability to optimize craft companies in relation to the utilization of resources and to bring together management and employees around a common goal.

Ove Leth-Sørensen


Ove Leth-Sørensen is a veteran in the development of the Danish internet, where he has worked for TDC, started the web agency Access Media, been CEO of Krak and worked 10 years with online business development as a business angel.

Jesper Nielsen


Kasper Vognstrup Petersen

Strategy & Partner

Lisbeth Raaschou Nielsen

Social media

Neil Jun Cataag

Frontend Developer

Bernie Dalde

Tester / Support


Server Manager - Security Expert


Backend Developer - App Developer


Backend Developer