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Welcome to your Digital Basic Package

Create a better overview, Optimize your workflows, Get more customers!
You can achieve all this by optimizing with Deskma's operating system.

More and more companies in recent years have benefited from getting the business online. There is both time and money to be gained by moving work routines online. The tools for this have cost large fortunes in the past. Those days are over.

With Deskma´s Basic Package, you get 9 important modules for your business as a gift. The modules are built around your everyday online approach, namely computer and mobile. Thus, you can be a trader on move and enjoy your new online tools

  • Make your offers and invoices directly at the customer.
  • Take pictures of your tasks
  • Record hours on assignments
  • Gather your customer's file from uploaded files

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Create a FREE Basic Package and optimize your business on mobile and computer.


Tailor your system with additional modules, tailored to your business needs.


Your business is now optimized and ready for the online challenges of the future.

How do I get started?

You can easily install the Basic Package yourself or get help from Deskmas support, which is ready to help you in everyday life.

The program on both computer and mobile is very easy to manage and the buttons are located where you would expect them, and there are always help videos to download in the question mark. With the Basic Package you get an online toolbox with important tools for your company.

So it does not require much online expertise to use your new Basic Package. It is easy and user-friendly.

The basic package is FREE and contains these 9 modules


Keep track of your customer data and orders. Overview of the customer's case management, planning, documentation and reports.


Be in control of employees and subcontractors. Schedule their tasks in the calendar. Give the App access to projects, time management and quality assurance.


Send offer to the customer's email. The customer can accept offers directly by email. You can set up the accepted order as a task with one click.


Create quality assurance on your tasks. Add photos and comments. Send report to the customer. Add any. signature from the customer or employee.


Create time registration on your tasks so that your employees can set hours. Total overview of hourly consumption for invoicing or payroll.


Get your business on mobile. customer overview via calendar. View and create customers, quotes, tasks, quality assurance and time management.


Get an overview of the most important financial ratios. See today's tasks and get an overview of all ongoing offers, tasks, orders and invoices.


Create tasks for direct execution or at larger enterprises. Have an overview of all cases with status, quality assurance, photo documentation and customer report.


Send invoice directly to the customer's email. The invoice segment case management that can be added additional products and employees' time registration.


The basic package is FREE and provides access to all the necessary basic modules you as a craftsman encounter in your everyday life. The system gives you an overview of your business and helps you to optimize your workflows.

We have no doubt that you as a user will be so happy with the system that at some point you want to connect your basic package with the rest of your company. Extensions that make it even more effective to run a business.

Bedre styring og mindre tidsspild optimere kraftigt på bundlinien, derved bliver du hurtig en moderne forretning der har styr på netværk, nøgletal, kunder, leverandører og medarbejdere. Deskma only makes money when you want to optimize, integrate and promote the business. For example, expand with:

  • New website
  • Integration with accounting program
  • Online advertising on Google or Facebook
  • Authoring
  • Photo & Video
  • Help Package
  • Design of templates
  • Search Engine Optimization

If you have questions or need help with setup, contact support at +45 50650000

You are also very welcome to book a Demo meeting below, then we will give you a tour of the system and help you get started.

The basic package has been developed by Deskma, specialists in the digitization of craft companies, in order to give you a better overview, efficiency and more customers.