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What is Smart Accounting Tool


Is an innovative tool to help businesses with their basic accounting requirements. It allows you to automate your routine tasks, eliminate manual data-entry, and make sure your accounting figures are precise and accurate. Deskma has a quality of being suited to serve a purpose well; practicality.


Quotation And Invoice

Simplify Quotations and Invoice

Provides an affordable, easy to use solution to help automate the quotation and invoice creation and issuing processes. Easily creates quotations with a centralized digital customer database, as well as a digital catalogue of all your products and services.


Expenses Tracker

Store receipts and help expedite billing cycles and track approved expenses. The main objective behind this is to help collect payments faster and detect slow and ineffective practices that were not visible before.


Basic Employee Payroll

this feature is developed to perform calculating employees’ salaries and Payslip through employees time logs.


  • DATA ACCURACYIt will automatically make the essential calculations when you enter both company and customers details.
  • TIME EFFICIENTHaving this will eliminate manual business processes and save more time for yourself.
  • FULL INVENTORYFast way to project when you will run out of a product, so you know when to order more.
  • REAL TIME REPORTSHelps you analyze your business practices and you can instantly identify how money flows through your operation. Also, being able to produce detailed graphical reports on how time and resources are being used in the company.