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Well-Crafted Business Management Tool

Deskma gives you access to a refined business management system that helps you stay on top of your relationships. We’ve built a complete business solution that eliminates the need to purchase multiple systems to manage different functions, and provides you with maximum benefits from all the effort you've put in. A CRM that saves time and money, an all-inclusive platform, to store, track and nurture contacts and analyze business metrics throughout its course.


Clients Overview

Stay on top of operational, financial and informative insights about your company and clients with our real-time dashboards. Whether your customers come from a website or are added manually, conveniently manage them in one place.

Email Notifications

When a new job order is assigned to specific team members, employees and contractors, they are automatically notified by email to immediately follow up and take action on the assignment.

Smart Accounting Tools

An innovative tool to help businesses with their basic accounting requirements. It allows you to automate your routine tasks, eliminate manual data-entry, and make sure your accounting figures are accurate.

Job Calendar

Keep track of all your work orders in one place. Stay on top of your schedule, team to-dos, and your clients with the all-inclusive Deskma CRM.

Efficient Team Management

Team leaders and Employers have unique needs, and we have noticed! That’s why we’ve developed an all-inclusive Deskma CRM to simplify team management.

Mobile Optimized

Access your tools either on mobile, tablet or desktop. We’ve got it ready for you! Gain real-time access to dashboards and reports from any device, any time.


See how your business is performing and build visual reports in one click. Business insights on point!

Third-Party Integrations

Effortlessly integrate Deskma CRM to any website and lead sources.

A CRM that's always Developing...

We want you to have the Top technology, now and in the future. Our Deskma CRM is being continuously
developed with new features, and we’re happy to hear you out and even upgrade your platform for free.
You always have the newest tech with Deskma CRM.